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MOFA welcomes enactment of Asia Reassurance Initiative Act by US government

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) welcomes and appreciates the enactment of the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act of 2018 (ARIA) by the United States government.
Signed into law by President Donald Trump on December 31, 2018, after having been passed with unanimous consent by the House of Representatives and Senate earlier that month, the enactment of ARIA carries great significance for Taiwan-US relations as it underscores US support for and friendship toward Taiwan, on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act.
ARIA includes numerous provisions supportive of Taiwan. It reiterates the US security commitment to Taiwan consistent with the Taiwan Relations Act and Six Assurances; backs regular sales of defense articles to Taiwan; encourages the travel of high-level US officials to Taiwan in accordance with the Taiwan Travel Act; and recognizes the value of engagement with Taiwan and other US partners in the region.
Taiwan and the US enjoy a close and cordial partnership that is rooted in common core values of freedom, democracy and human rights, as well as shared interests in regional peace, stability and prosperity. This robust relationship has continued to grow in recent years through a wide array of joint endeavors. MOFA will continue to maintain close contact with the US based on mutual trust, reciprocity and mutual benefit, as well as deepen cooperation in all spheres and at all levels. Taiwan looks forward to working with the US and other like-minded nations in the region to advance peace, prosperity and stability in the Indo-Pacific.
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