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The awarding ceremony of the 18th FORMOSA Girl Award and the 8th Asian Girl Award

The Winners of the 18th FORMOSA Girl Award and the 8th Asian Girl Award took group photo.
The Winners of the18th FORMOSA Girl Award and the 8th Asian Girl Award took group photo.
Empower girls for the future! The Garden of Hope Foundation, an organization that has been putting effort in girl empowerment, especially held the awarding ceremony of the 18th FORMOSA Girl Award and the 8th Asian Girl Award before the Girl’s Day of Taiwan. These awards anticipate them to continue to fight for rights of women and themselves and use action to prove that the strength of women should not be overlooked.
Girls Caring for Public Welfare
44 girls were nominated in the 18th FOMOSA Girl Award. The Garden of Hope Foundation set 5 genres of awards: special creation, math & science & technology, physicality & sports, social media managing, and courage & bravery. CEO of the Garden of Hope Foundation Yueh-hao Wang stated, “When carrying out sexual violence prevention operations, the Garden of Hope Foundation has discovered that girl empowerment is an urgent issue.” Since the awarding of the first Girl Award, we have witnessed changes on Taiwanese girls. As rights regarding sexual equality are being commonly accepted, we feel happy to see more and more girls being brave enough to step up and voice their thoughts and fight for the rights of women. Director Lu Mian Mian of the movie “Mickey on the Road”, who was the awarding guest of the social media managing genre, said, “I was really touched when I started seeing girls in the videos talking about their dreams.” She also told other girls that, “You have to be brave enough to express want you want to do. This voice will become an echoing reminder. You will listen to this reminder and do it. When you have become established, you can stand proudly and help others.”
While focusing on personal development, many girls who applied for this year’s award also have aggressive dedicated in public welfare. Some girls actively went to remote regions and helped children there who have difficulty obtaining service resources, while other girls have taken part in researching at laboratories and want to make a career as a scientist. There are also girls who aggressively took part in energy related competitions and dreamed to become scientist with social responsibility as they put in effort on issues regarding sustainability. Yueh-hao Wang said, “In this year’s Girl Award, I am really happy to see the actions made by these girls. So many girls have already dedicated themselves in public welfare since a young age, contributing their effort while studying.”
Breaking the Boundary of Distance, Culture and Time
Unlike those in previous years, this year’s Asia Girl Award is not only open to personal application, but can also be submitted as a group. As for the social innovation award, it was won by the “international team” that took part in Asia Girls Empowerment Camp, which was consisted of 6 girls from 3 culturally different countries – Japan, Nepal and the Philippines. Empowerment camp led girls to know about technology tools and helped them to develop APPs. These 6 girls overcame the inconvenience to time difference and distance with technology and designed an APP briefing to prevent street violence. Given that the world is suffering from the COVID-19 epidemic, these Asian girls could not attend the awarding ceremony at Taiwan in person. Member of international team that won the social innovation award Asha B.K., Asia girl human right ambassador Siriwan Phornin, Asia Girl social media managing award winner Oyunbileg Bazar sent their messages from Nepal, Thailand and Mongolia.
Break through Limits to See the Infinite Potential of Girls
Girl empowerment has been the destiny of the Garden of Hope Foundation. It expects girls to osmotically deepen their sexual perception to break through the limits and influences casted on them due to sexual difference. It also hope the public can believe that girls would have the opportunity to fully demonstrate their potentials as long as they are given sufficient support. In the future, they would create unsurmountable value to give back to the society. We are looking forward to let more people to see the infinite potential of Taiwanese and Asian girls!
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