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Message from the Minister

Changes in society, economic liberalization and democratic transformation in the Republic of China (Taiwan) have created a fertile environment for the private sector, and NGOs have flourished. Civil society today plays a key role in ensuring good governance and in enabling Taiwan to exert its soft power in the international arena. Indeed, NGOs have raised Taiwan’s profile by engaging in various international cooperation projects closely aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These include providing international humanitarian aid and medical assistance, eradicating poverty and disease, promoting democracy and human rights, and environmental sustainability.

In October 2000, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) established the NGO Affairs Committee to add renewed momentum to public diplomacy. It has the following objectives:

  • Help NGOs connect with the world: MOFA supports Taiwan’s NGOs with participating in INGO conferences overseas and encourages them to host international conferences or events in Taiwan. We also help them deal with problems related to international participation.
  • Give guidance on international cooperation: To do our part to meet the UN SDGs by drawing on Taiwan’s experience and strengths, we find suitable NGOs to work with renowned INGOs on international cooperation projects.
  • Build capacity for international participation: We commission universities, colleges and academic institutions to hold a variety of international affairs courses that cater to students, the public and NGO personnel. We also sponsor mid- or senior-level NGO staff to gain work experience at well-known academic institutions or INGOs, so as to build their capacity to participate in international affairs and broaden their international perspective.
  • Provide NGOs with a platform for international exchange and communication: This bilingual NGO website was set up to assist the public and private sectors with coordinating their resources, as well as to provide a platform for local and international NGOs to exchange information and communicate. We expect this will help Taiwan’s NGOs participate in the international community more effectively.

We hope this newly revamped website, with its user-friendly design, will become a useful resource for local and international NGOs alike. It provides a database with up-to-date information on NGOs and INGOs, a forum for experience sharing and various types of multimedia content. We also hope it reflects the efforts that Taiwan’s vibrant private sector is making, and serves to further energize our NGOs so that they play an even bigger role in our diplomacy.

Thank you for visiting, and your comments and suggestions are welcome.