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Setting up an INGO in Taiwan

The Republic of China (Taiwan) is a paragon of democracy occupying a strategic location in Northeast Asia. In addition to being a powerhouse for global economic development and innovation, its free and open society boasts friendly people and thriving nongovernmental organizations. Taiwan’s NGOs actively participate in international cooperation and exchanges across a variety of domains, including democracy, human rights, humanitarian aid, medical and health care, gender equality, environmental protection, culture and arts, youth activities, and technological innovation.

The government of Taiwan would like to further demonstrate its commitment to the international community by warmly welcoming international nongovernmental organizations to Taiwan. INGOs can expand their presence and influence by setting up local or regional offices, or even global headquarters, in Taiwan. Together, we can implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and promote democracy, security, and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific and around the world.

To help INGOs understand the procedures and regulations for establishing operations in Taiwan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has dedicated a section of its bilingual NGO website to “Setting up an INGO in Taiwan.” The website is a
one-stop information center providing charts, overviews of important information, and other details on how to establish INGO offices, civil associations, and foundations in Taiwan. We look forward to working with you to create a better world!

Interested INGOs are welcome to 
contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for additional information and assistance.