1. To participate in procurement projects organized by government institutions, public schools, or state-owned enterprises (hereinafter referred to as the authority), please follow the bidding announcements and bidding documents of the respective authority for each procurement.

2. Where an entity accepts a grant from a government authority for a procurement project, if the grant amount accounts for more than half of an individual procurement project value and if the grant amount exceeds the threshold for publication of a procurement value (NT$1 million), the regulations in the Government Procurement Act (hereinafter referred to as the Procurement Act) apply. For example, if an entity accepted a grant from a government authority for a procurement project and the procurement amount was NT$2 million and the grant amount was NT$1.2 million, the entity would be required to proceed with the procurement in accordance with the Procurement Act. Where the grant amount for an individual project is less than half of the procurement amount or where the grant amount is less than NT$1 million, the Procurement Act does not apply.
  • 1. Tender notices for individual procurement projects published by relevant authorities can be found on the Government e-Procurement System website. To ask questions regarding the Government e-Procurement System website, please call the toll-free customer service hotline (only good from within Taiwan): 0800-080-512.
  • 2. For inquiries on individual procurement projects, please consult the bidding authority and its contact person specified in the bidding announcement on the Government e-Procurement System website. If an authority has provided a grant for a procurement, please consult that authority to seek additional information.
  • 3. Relevant regulations:Government Procurement Act, Enforcement Rules of the Government Procurement Act.
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