1. Young foreign nationals legally residing in Taiwan may be registered and enrolled in a five-year junior college or a primary or secondary school after being selected through an application review process or by passing a placement test. To apply for enrollment, the following documents must be submitted:
  • (1) Enrollment application form
  • (2) Photocopy of their Alien Resident Certificate
  • (3) Any previous academic records
2. As for enrolling in an international school, Taiwan currently has 15 American schools, seven parochial schools, one European school, three Japanese schools, and two Korean schools. For the telephone numbers, locations, and other contact information of schools for foreign nationals, please visit the English website of the Ministry of Education or download the contact information list for international schools.
3. To apply to a university or college, please visit the Study in Taiwan website for more information on academic programs and scholarships.
To obtain additional information, please consult the Bureau of Education of municipal governments or the schools:Click here
Contact Information:
Ministry of Education
Telephone:(02) 7736-6666
Address:No. 5, Zhongshan S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City
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