1. The most convenient way for an international nongovernmental organization (INGO) to operate in Taiwan is to apply to set up an office as its contact point in Taiwan with the Department of Cooperatives and Civil Associations of the Ministry of the Interior. After registration is completed, an INGO may hire foreign workers and enjoy tax exemptions. However, as the office is only a contact point and not an officially registered association or legal person, it cannot solicit donations or recruit volunteers. For government tendering, the INGO office in Taiwan may not participate, but its INGO overseas headquarters may take part as a foreign entity.
2. When an organization files an application with required documents to the Department of Cooperatives and Civil Associations, it will, in principle, receive a response from that office within two months. Where the application requires consultation with other government authorities, the review period may be extended by a further two months.
Documents to be submitted with an application:
  • 1. Application letter  (Download:English VersionChinese Version)
  • 2. Credentials of the foreign civil institution or organization (*)
  • 3. Proof that the responsible person is authorized to represent the office of the civil institution or organization (*)
  • 4. A document explaining the history and development of the foreign civil institution or organization
  • 5. Current articles of incorporation of the foreign organization (*)
  • 6. Office work plan (Download:English VersionChinese Version). Required information:
(1) Purpose
(2) Location and telephone number
(3) Work items
(4) Organizational structure and staff duties
(5) Source(s) of funding
  • 7. A summary table of information concerning the responsible person and individuals on staff (Download:English VersionChinese Version), including:
(1) Name, gender, and date of birth
(2) Nationality
(3) Education and work experience
(4) National ID number or Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) number and photocopy
(5) Residence address and telephone number of the responsible person
(*)The credentials, authorization, and current articles of incorporation specified in subparagraphs 2, 3, and 5 of the preceding paragraph must be authenticated by the overseas mission of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in, or having jurisdiction over, the country the foreign INGO is headquartered in. 
The original and three photocopies of the aforementioned required documents must be submitted with the application. Documents in foreign languages must be submitted with a Chinese translation.
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